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The core measure of having a successful Twitter presence is by the number of followers, just as the core measure of Facebook is the number of Facebook Likes. The press listens and helps promote the heavily followed and even smaller entities need to show their stakeholders and customers and peers that they have a certain level of social following. This can be an expensive undertaking, in terms of both time and money. But with the services offered by we offer a helpful and inexpensive way of helping develop your Twitter Followers. Buying Twitter Followers means being able to focus your attention on content and promoting such content, rather than undertake the painful and painstaking process of recruiting and following back new followers (our Followers are no-follow). Entities and individuals that buy Twitter Followers from us enhance their social media presence and simply appear better to others. It makes it easier to recruit even more followers (people always want to be part of a successful undertaking or group.)

Interesting facts and information

1. Twitter was almost called “Friendstalker.”

No joke, had Evan Williams had his way, we might all be “Friendstalker”-ing instead of tweeting. Thankfully the Twitter co-founder’s tongue-in-cheek name suggestion was cast off as “too creepy,” reports the New York Times.


The platform could have also been dubbed “Twitch,” “Twitcher” and “Jitter.” Twitter was eventually settled on after one of the co-founders read the word's definition aloud from a dictionary: “The light chirping sound made by certain birds; agitation or excitement; flutter.” And -- chirp, chirp -- history was made.

2. Twitter’s iconic bird logo is named after a sports legend.

Nope, that cute little birdie blue is not named after Larry Page or Larry King. Turns out it’s named after basketball legend Larry Bird, a famous former Boston Celtics forward. Biz Stone confirmed this fact after Celtics vice president of digital media Peter Stringer asked him about the rumored tidbit, fittingly on Twitter. His guess was a slam dunk.

3. Twitter did not invent the hashtag.

#NoSeriously, it didn’t. Hashtags date back to 1988, when people communicated via chat rooms called Internet Relay Chats (IRCs). The first hashtags made their way to Twitter in 2007, when Chris Messina, formerly of Google and now a lead developer at Uber, proposed using them as a way to lump together related tweets. The simple searchable tags instantly caught on. 

4. Katy Perry boasts the most Twitter followers.

The chart-topping pop songstress has almost 85 million followers. That’s more followers than people who live in Egypt. Fellow pop sensation Justin Bieber comes in second (77 million followers) and Taylor Swift third (73 million). The most followed brand on Twitter is not Twitter. It’s YouTube (61 million followers).

5. The idea for Twitter was hatched on a slide at a playground.

Not all Silicon Valley tech startups are born in hipster bars and coffee shops. Case in point: Twitter. Dorsey says he first shared his idea for the social network on a playground slide “like a geeked-out Moses on Mount Sinai.”

6. Ellen Degeneres sent the most retweeted tweet.

If you guessed it was the comedian’s star-studded Oscar-selfie tweet, you’d be right. Actor Bradley Cooper actually snapped the viral pic at the 2014 awards show. It’s been retweeted nearly 3.4 million times since The Ellen Show first fired it off. Call us weird, but we like the Simpsons’ cool cartoon version of the pic better.

7. The 140-character limit is because of mobile phones.

True story: those little glowing bricks we can’t put down are to blame. Indeed they’re the reason tweets are short, 140-character blips. At first, Dorsey limited them to 160 characters because that used to be the max length for text messages on mobile phones. The restriction was later trimmed back to 140 characters, which he calls a “beautiful constraint,” one that’s apparently here to stay. Maybe.

8. Twitter co-founder Noah Glass got booted from the company.

Twitter co-founder Noah Glass, who originally came up with the company's name, was famously fired from the startup. The San Francisco-based developer’s heart-breaking story of being "forgotten" and betrayed by his fellow founding team made headlines in 2011. Today, his Twitter bio simply reads: “I started this.”

9. Twitter has yet to turn a profit.

Despite the social network’s massive global user base -- notably down for the first time last quarter amidst an internal shakeup -- the company is not profitable. With its accumulated revenue losses approaching $2.1 billion, Twitter stocks are now trading at about a third less than the $26-per-share price put forth with the company’s November 2013 IPO. So much for being the next Facebook.

10. Being “Twitterpated” is a thing.

The word "twitterpated" doesn’t just mean to be infatuated. The Twitter-related version sounds like constipation for a reason. As Dorsey explains, it's “when you’re overwhelmed with information or you’re just so excited that you forget to tweet or forget to share.” We know the feeling.

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